2010 Productions

  • Women in the Italian Unification
    History(1x52'). RAI 150 Unità d'Italia
    There's an unknown and invisible side to the Italian Unification: the role of women.
    The Unification of Italy told through the stories of three women (the countess of Castiglione, Antonietta De Pace and Rosalie Montmasson) who have crossed the events and met the people who made the history of the Italian Unification.
    Who have fought, loved and suffered for an ideal deemed to be higher than any personal interest: their country.
  • Reliving Fogazzaro
    History-literature(1x52'). RAI 150 Unità d'Italia
    There are places of memory that used to be real places and later evolved into places of fantasy and literature.
    The film is a journey, an inquiry between Memory and Novel, Passion and Italian Unification into one of the symbolic places of those years.
  • Bomb Rome!
    History(1x52'). RAI Educational
    1943: Rome seen from the air seems an orderly city. The river that crosses it in soft curves is almost reassuring.
    And the Vatican is there, unmistakeable, the size and the shape of a fortress that watches over the city.
    On July 19, Rome is bombed for the first time, the first of a long series of bombing. Extraordinary events told through the diary of Sir D’Arcy Osborne, the British Ambassador to the Holy See.
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