2008 Productions

  • INTOCCABILI (Untouchables)
    1x50’ News report for LA7
    The story of the Gipsy community in Rome.
    1x28' Documentary for La Storia siamo noi, Rai Educational
    Memorial Sites V per EBU

    From the age of innocence to knowledge: physics stops being only a field of enthusiastic discoveries and starts becoming “dirty”. Enrico Fermi and the youngsters of Via Panisperna, their escape abroad, the atomic bomb.
  • VITA DA PARTIGIANI (Life as a Partisan)
    2x52' Documentaries for La Storia siamo noi, Rai Educational
  • Partigiani! (Partisans!)
    Small stories set in great war events. Fears, feelings, love stories of those who chose to fight against Fascists and Germans.
  • Le vie delle canoniche (The Paths of the Vicarages)
    The position of the Emilian Catholic clergy during the Resistance, through the stories of some emblematic human cases.

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