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  • Nilde Iotti, the Lady of Politics
    History-Biography(1x52'). RAI 150 Unità d'Italia
    The biography of Nilde Iotti as an example of achieved equality between men and women. An equality that today, above all in politics, is constantly called into question.
    On the one hand, the biography underlines Mrs Iotti's role in the political and civil history of this country. On the other, it tells about a woman who, being aware of her capabilities, carved herself a primary role in the Italian politics, becoming an example of emancipation and modernity for many women.
  • The Other Unification of Italy
    Historiography(1x50'). RAI 150 Unità d'Italia
    How did the events that led to the Unification of Italy really unfold? Did everything happen as history books tell us?
    Using an investigative journalism language, the documentary tells us about the other side of the unification of Italy: the interests, the diplomatic manoeuvres and the backstage of the birth of a nation.
  • Being 20 and in War
    History-Society(1x52'). RAI 150 Unità d'Italia
    The life of four soldiers in different historical periods (Italian Unification, World War I and II, nowadays) told through letters and diaries.
    Four soldiers who fought form "their" Italy. Young people who went to war to defend an ideal and a country.

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